Phase I Pilot Survey

We conducted our Phase I Pilot Survey between August 2019 and August 2020. The survey was conducted at 888 MHz and used the RACS low-band footprint as a basis. The sky coverage compared to other ASKAP pilot surveys is shown below (the VAST footprint is outlined in aqua).

All VAST Phase I survey images are publicly available through the CASDA archive under project code AS107. Note that you will need an OPAL account to download FITS images.

Phase II Pilot Survey

In 2021 we are running the second phase of our pilot survey. In Phase II we will observe 2 epochs in the low band, with the same footprint as Phase I. We will also observe 3 epochs in the mid band, following the RACS-mid footprint. Stay tuned!

Full VAST survey

The final time allocation for ASKAP surveys has not yet been completed. However, we expect the full VAST survey to cover a large (10,000+ sq deg) region of the sky, with regular repeats. We will also search for transients commensally in ASKAP data taken for other projects.

The full survey is expected to commense in 2022.